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Horenberg Multinational Trainers develop and deliver training courses for organizations that operate in a multinational and multicultural context.


Our topics? From English writing courses to leadership training, creativity workshops for multinational teams, sensitivity training, presentation and communication skills. You name it and we’ve got the specialist.

International Trainers at Horenberg

Training Courses Overview

This is a selection of our most recent courses. To see the complete collection, please click below.

Make changes easily and efficiently.

International Trainer: Lenka Grackova

Change is a chance to wake up from your personal status quo, reflect, reassess where you are heading, and discover routines that no longer serve you.

Fuel your mission:
Have energy all day.

International Trainer: Tasso Tsirpouchtsidis

This course is directed to those who want to find ways to increase their energy and resilience in a hard-paced and challenging environment.

The creative alternative to brainstorming

International Trainer: Jeffrey Baumgartner

Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) is a powerful and effective creative thinking technique that is the perfect alternative to brainstorming. Brainstorming does not work. Anticonventional Thinking does.

Negotiation and problem-solving skills across cultures

International Trainer: Ruth Friedman

Understand how culture impacts problem-solving and decision-making; plus, how to create and maintain good relationships in a polarized, multicultural environment.

Daily Communication Bliss

International Trainer: Claudia Fortes

Manage emails, meetings, and project communications like a Guru. Become The Voice for your team and clients. You will learn in an easy, practical, and fun way how to manage your work communications.

Project Management

International Trainer: Gabriel Radu

This course provides the necessary instruments to balance tasks and responsibilities, to optimally allocate resources, and to ensure that each team member’s skills are used to her or his full potential.

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