About Horenberg International Training

Horenberg develops and delivers specific soft skill training courses for international organizations that operate in a multinational context.

We offer almost all traditional soft skill training courses: management and leadership training, sales training, written communication skills, public speaking…

Our aim is to offer an alternative to traditional local training institutes. This is accomplished by integrating this multinational approach at the heart of everything we do.

Gunnar Michielssen
Gunnar Michielssen

Gunnar Michielssen was one of the first communication experts to recognize the growing email and communication challenges in the business world. Back in 2005, he launched the first program to help professionals cope with the ever-growing piles of email in their inboxes. Since then, he has spoken to more than 40,000 people in over 1,000 companies in Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, France, Germany, and other European countries.

Bruno Verhaeghe
Bruno Verhaeghe

Bruno Verhaeghe facilitates in-company Outlook and Gmail workshops. He does not focus on the technical aspects of these email clients. Instead, he looks at actual working methods and efficiency improvements by leveraging the functional knowledge of Outlook and Gmail. His passion and enthusiasm convey to the public the desire to fundamentally change the way they work.

How we can help you and your L&D department

The L&D department in a multicultural institution faces specific challenges. Exposure to diverse people and experiences can reveal that traditional trainers are missing alternative perspectives. The reason is due to overreliance on their own cultural background.

Translated courses usually fail because teachers often start with incorrect assumptions. They provide the participants with solutions that only function in an organization that fits their paradigm. The result is disappointing for the participants, trainers, and the course organizer.

We strongly believe the success of every training solution is guaranteed by the background and the unique perspective of our trainers. All of our trainers have a multitude of international experiences. They can do more than simply share factual information and knowledge. Thus, they can give the participants deeper insight into specific behavioral and organizational challenges of the international, multicultural working environment.

Engaging topic experts who provide real-world knowledge and solutions

Horenberg maintains a robust roster of seasoned trainers and speakers. These professionals have international backgrounds and always provide engaging learning experiences for you and your team.

Our trainers deliver highly interactive sessions that incorporate small-group exercises, self-assessment, imagery, role-playing, and the latest learning techniques to imprint knowledge for lasting results. No matter what style you are looking for, we have the trainer with the business experience and approach.

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